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Glass Interior Design Trends for 2022

Glass Interior Design Trends 2022

The pandemic has affected the way we live in and use our homes. Our dwellings have become a place of work, education, rest, entertainment and eating. They’re the hub of our lives. Recent trends are aimed at creating comfortable, cozy rooms with a favourable atmosphere for relaxation, work, play, and everyday activities. Glass can make people’s lives more comfortable, creative, colourful and enjoyable. How does glass fit into the interior design trends of 2022?

  • Eco-Friendly Interior Design: In 2022 we’ll choose more eco-friendly materials, either recycled, reused or from certified sustainable sources. People are making positive choices for our planet and sustainability is a selling feature when it comes to attracting homeowners and builders. For those interested in reducing your impact on the environment, glass increases the natural light in a space while simultaneously improving energy efficiency. It’s also recyclable. 
  • Comfort & Durability: Because we’re spending more time in our homes, comfort and durability are key elements for the home trends of 2022. Glass does not corrode with exposure to water, crack due to extreme temperatures or change colour when exposed to sunlight. It doesn’t warp and is not susceptible to rot. Glass is extremely durable and will look great for a long period of time. Watch for glass countertops, backsplashes and wall cladding. A custom glass tabletop is a unique and functional piece. Get creative with the table base! 
  • Art Deco Patterns: Art deco design was born after WW1 out of a newfound optimism and hope for the future. Art deco style emphasizes functionality, modernism, glamour and elegance and involves rich colours, geometric lines, gold and exaggerated curves. In 2022, look for customized art deco mirrors, back-painted glass, patterned glass cupboards, creative glass countertops and backsplashes, all with gold highlights.
  • Rounded Shapes: soft and feminine forms are back in 2022. This applies to furniture and decor trends. Glass lends itself to round table tops, lamps and large rounded wall mirrors.
  • Combined Spaces with some Privacy: Our homes have become a gym, workspace, recreation and hobby area. We eat, sleep, work, and educate ourselves from our homes. The living room doubles as a gym while the kitchen is now a classroom and home office combined. Glass partitions are a great way to create private areas within a room. They let you transform your room at any time, allowing the space to remain airy and flowing while creating a little privacy. 
  • Retro Style is an eclectic mix of old styles and new forms or new forms with old materials and finishes. It’s going to be popular in 2022. This style embraces a kaleidoscope of contrasting design features, colours, shapes and forms. Think vintage mirrors; brass ovals, shield-shaped gold-framed mirrors and pearl or ceramic frames. Consider coloured glass, glass art or tinted lamp shades to bring different hues to your space. How about the disco-chic look of a mirrored kitchen backsplash or metal-coated glass on the wall. Mirrored dressing tables are making a comeback too!


Glass is a versatile, sophisticated material. Whether building new or renovating, consider using glass to create comfortable, cozy rooms that follow the latest trends of 2022. Find a trusted glazier with experience in all areas of glass and let your imagination soar!

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