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The Pros and Cons of a Glass Countertop

Pros Cons Glass Countertops

Glass is one of the most versatile and unique materials available and brings a distinct look to any space. Glass countertops have shifted into the mainstream, becoming popular in both residential and commercial interiors for use in kitchens, break-rooms and bathrooms. The following is a discussion of the pros and cons of glass countertops. 


There are many advantages to the use of glass countertops.

  • Versatile: Glass adapts to any type of design as it’s available in a variety of colours, tints, textures, finishes and styles (clear, tinted, crushed, textured, back-painted, even glass with LED).
  • Beautiful: Glass countertops excel in visual appeal, giving a room a fresh and elegant look. 
  • Customizable: Glass countertops are highly customizable (edge profile, thickness, tint, colour, hardware, substrate, size). There are an endless variety of styles! 
  • Durable: Glass countertops won’t age, wear or discolour. They won’t lose their shine or charm!
  • Heat resistant: You can safely place hot pots and pans on glass countertops without worrying about warping or shrinkage. 
  • Low maintenance: Glass is non-porous making it easy to wipe spills without the worry of staining. Simply use soap, water and a cloth for cleaning.
  • Hygienic: The smooth surface of glass prevents dirt, germs and bacteria from becoming trapped. 
  • Environmentally friendly: Glass countertops can be made from recycled materials and are recyclable at the end of their usefulness. 


Though there are many advantages to glass countertops, there are a few issues to be aware of.

  • Can be damaged: Though extremely durable, glass countertops are not immune to damage. Sharp or heavy objects may cause cracking, chipping and/or denting. 
  • Difficult to repair: If damaged, glass countertops are difficult to fix.  Repair costs can be high and sometimes the whole countertop must be replaced. 
  • Costly: Compared to other countertop materials, glass is pricey. A professional installer will be required adding to the overall expense. 

Glass countertops are stylish and attractive, combining form and function. They’re versatile, beautiful, customizable and durable. To top it off, they’re low maintenance, hygienic and environmentally friendly. Be aware of the potential for irreversible damage, the difficulty encountered when repairing and the high initial cost. Consider a customized glass countertop for your space. 

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