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Want to Increase Your Property Value? Glass Can do That!

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Are you renovating your home? Planning upgrades to your space? Renovations with function and beauty effectively raise the market price of a property. Renovations with a WOW factor, boost value even more. Glass features provide function, beauty and a WOW factor all in one! They add benefit and appeal, making your property value soar! The following are some glass features you may wish to consider when remodelling your home. 

  • Glass railings improve your home’s aesthetic and monetary value. Streamlined and modern, they outline without being intrusive. Try them along stairs, outdoor seating areas, on landings, decks and balconies. Keep kids and pets safe while enjoying the view!
  • Glass backsplashes are a simple yet remarkably beautiful addition to any home. They reflect light, are easy to clean and come in a variety of colours and configurations. Their sleek contemporary look boosts a home’s value.
  • Glass shower enclosures: Luxurious and spacious glass-enclosed showers provide a spa-like feeling. Their beauty and functionality boost the appeal and value of any home. Consider frosted glass for an added bit of privacy.
  • Accent mirrors add beauty to a space and make it feel larger. Detailed frames add to their appeal.  Place one in the front entrance and one in the sitting room. Try a rectangular-shaped mirror behind the dining room table. Mirrors complement any room, adding to the appeal and value of your home. 
  • Glass cabinet doors in the kitchen update your room, making it feel fresh and new. They provide the opportunity to display beautiful dishes and glassware while adding a light and airy feel to the space. Replace all cabinet doors with glass or add glass inserts to existing cabinet doors. This addition to the hearth of your home adds both beauty and value. 
  • Sliding glass doors/walls have a huge impact on property value. Replace a section of a wall with floor-to-ceiling sliding glass, adding an indoor-outdoor element to your space. Open onto a balcony, patio, terrace or deck. Let natural light flood your rooms! Enhance the view and maximize your living space. 

Custom glass features enhance curb appeal and boost property values. They give you that WOW factor. Alter the look of your space with glass, regardless of the scale of the project or the room you’re redecorating. Make your property stand out! Consider glass for your renovation project.

Renovating your home? Looking for that WOW factor to enhance curb appeal and boost your property value?  The expert designers at House of Mirrors and Glass create custom pieces that meet the unique specifications of any project. Come by today to meet our team. Visit our showroom. Our knowledgeable and efficient crew provides excellent service with a focus on custom design. Call (403) 253-3777 or email us at info@houseofmirrors.com. Let us know what you’re looking to achieve and our experts will assist you!