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Put the Fun in Your Kids’ Playroom with Back Painted Glass

Put the Fun in Your Kids’ Playroom with Back Painted Glass - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Calgary - Featured Image

Many kids love colouring. Unfortunately, their inspiration is often too large for one piece of paper, so they continue their genius onto whatever handy surface is nearby, be it floor or wall. That puts parents in a tricky position. Drawing, colouring, and writing are great skills for kids, so you don’t want to simply take away all of their writing utensils. On the other hand, no one enjoys scrubbing walls…again. We have a solution.


Back Painted Architectural Glass is a durable, hardworking surface made by uniformly painting the back of a glass panel before installing it. The touchable surface is flawlessly smooth glass which offers a sleek, contemporary appearance and wipes clean in a second no matter how many times your kids smear dirty fingers or draw with markers along the surface. 


Back painted glass is available in virtually limitless colours, allowing for seamless integration into any design aesthetic, and it’s an environmentally friendly option that’s fully recyclable — the perfect planet-conscious choice for both your kids and the rest of the future generation.


Endless Possibilities.

Whether your kids just like to draw and draw and draw, or they want to take advantage of a wall sized canvas to make a full back drop for a play they’ve imagined, back painted glass is the perfect surface for letting their creativity flow. 


Games like pictionary become larger than life, or you can use a projector to let your little one trace a favourite character or critter onto the wall. When unicorns are so last week and dinosaurs are king, just erase the drawing and redecorate with a new projection.


Study Central.

Back painted glass grows with your child. As they leave the drawing on walls stage behind and enter school, you can help your student practice sums or spelling words. They can learn to spell their name by tracing it out over a projection, or they can brainstorm ideas for their first story. 


Once they’ve entered the higher grades, they can use the surface to plan out their essay or work through a complicated physics problem. If your teen needs help remembering their homework or chores, you can dedicate a corner of the wall just to their daily tasks.


When it comes to decorating your kids’ spaces, it can be challenging to find options that are attractive to both your young children and to your own aesthetic tastes. Back painted glass is a luxurious, durable, and elegant surface that can come in any colour your child imagines without compromising style. Your kids will love drawing on the surface, and you’ll love how it grows with your child into adulthood from playroom to hangout space to office. Contact House of Mirrors today to learn more about how back painted architectural glass can make your home better.