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Try Glass Partitions instead of Walls!

Glass Partitions

Glass lets in light and brings nature into our spaces. This transparent material can transform a space, providing an airy modern feel. Glass partitions offer a solution to almost all open space problems and can be easily moved or removed when required. Instead of choosing expensive remodels, more and more home and business owners are looking at the advantages and benefits of using glass partitions in their spaces.

What is a glass partition?

A glass partition is an interior wall made primarily of glass or a glass alternative. Glass panels are generally placed in metal frames, through the use of channels and/or clamps to create custom non-load-bearing walls. These temporary walls are put up whenever you want and repositioned according to the situation. Glass walls are popular in modern office design and are used in office cubicles, conference rooms, and entryways. These walls are also making their way into home décor as toilet screens, living room walls, master bathroom walls, accent walls and other creative design solutions in small apartments and modern living spaces. Glass partitions are chosen for décor preferences, space restrictions, practical considerations, lighting issues, suitability for particular business models, noise reduction, and branding. 

What types of glass partitions are available?

Glass partitions come in many forms and varieties and compose an entire field in the construction industry. They’re a sleek, stylish solution to reviving homes and offices. They range from small privacy screens to glass room dividers to extensive wall systems and are made from a variety of types of glass. They can be framed or frameless and are customized to fit your design scheme. Glass walls come in clear, ultra-clear (low iron), patterned, acid-etched (frosted), tinted and back painted glass. Though tempered glass is the most common choice for a glass partition, other options are available to address concerns regarding durability and/or safety.

What are the advantages of glass partitions?

 Glass partitions offer a range of benefits:

  • Clear glass panels allow you to create separate areas without compromising the open, roomy feel of your space.
  • Fewer light fixtures are needed when the natural light coming in through windows flows freely through a clear glass partition. Electricity costs are reduced. 
  • Clear office partitions boost transparency, communication with co-workers, and connection with clients.
  • Small homes and apartments feel larger when a clear glass partition wall is used instead of sheetrock. 
  • Glass walls are space-friendly, filling less floor space than a traditional structure.
  • Glass wall systems are more easily moved or removed than their sheetrock counterparts. They can be moved, relocated, rearranged, and redesigned at a moment’s notice, satisfying customer or family-specific demands. 
  • Vision obscuring or opaque glass can be used to create a unique partition wall that offers privacy or camouflages a room’s less attractive features.
  • A glass partition allows you to relish nature’s beauty and gives your space an open, modern feel.

How to use glass partitions in your home:

There are many uses for glass partitions in a family home. 

  • separate a large room into several smaller rooms
  • put up a wall in a large bedroom to create a workout space or a workroom
  • use a glass partition to dedicate a play space for children, enabling you to keep an eye on them while containing their toys and materials to one area of your home
  • install a glass partition to create an office for yourself, effectively minimizing disturbances and distractions and significantly reducing noise
  • use a glass partition to separate the ensuite from the bedroom, with the bottom half of the glass frosted for privacy and the upper-half transparent for allowing a flow of natural light
  • create a seamless indoor-outdoor connection
  • connect two separate structures (the house and pool house, the house and garage) or complimentary rooms (library and office, pool house and gym). 
  • a full or half wall creates private spaces in a family bathroom or as a privacy screen for the toilet
  • instead of a railing near a staircase to visually expand living space

How to use glass partitions in your office:

There are also numerous benefits to glass partitions in business settings:

  • significantly reduce noise, disturbances and distractions 
  • allow employees to enjoy the natural light coming in through office windows
  • lower electricity costs for lighting 
  • foster communication, personal responsibility, and transparency, and create an open and inclusive workspace
  • contribute to a sense of teamwork and unity rather than the feeling of isolation generated by many cubicle systems
  • make an area feel larger and more open
  • enable you to create new office layouts easily
  • lend an air of sophistication to your office interiors

Glass partitions are available in various sizes, configurations, and glazing styles, to fulfill diverse needs in houses, offices, stores and restaurants. They provide office managers with a long-term inexpensive means of meeting their client’s office specifications or demands. They provide homeowners with a sleek, modern way to create adaptable spaces to meet their family’s needs.

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