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Why Choose Glass Railings for Your Patio?

Glass Patio Railing

Many patio owners love to spend hot days and cool nights on their deck enjoying the brief summer season. While wood, iron, and steel have been popular materials for patio railings, glass is getting a lot of attention. Glass patio railings offer a range of different features that make them a great option for decks of all shapes and sizes. Are glass patio railings or barriers right for you?

Glass patio railings have a number of advantages:

  • Open up the view: Does your deck, veranda or patio face a marvellous view? Preserve the panorama, unobstructed, with a framed or frameless glass railing. The tempered glass panels used for railings are virtually invisible providing a seamless flow between your property and the landscape.
  • Increase aesthetic appeal: Glass railings/barriers offer a sleek, elegant design that is highly appealing. They’re timeless, subtle and subdued allowing them to blend with many home styles. 
  • Enjoy low maintenance:  No more sanding, staining and polishing! Glass railings/barriers require only a little soap and water. 
  • Get great durability: Glass does not corrode with exposure to water, crack due to extreme temperatures or change colour when exposed to sunlight. It doesn’t warp and is not susceptible to rot. Glass is extremely durable and your glass railings/barriers will look great for a long time. 
  • Customize: Choose framed or frameless railings. Design the glass barrier to exactly fit your space. Choose the size, shape and transparency. Open the deck/patio up or choose a little privacy. There are many options!
  • Compliment other materials: The clean aesthetic of glass makes it easy to pair with stainless steel, aluminum, wood, marble, granite and natural materials.
  • Improve market value: Glass railings/barriers are a sophisticated enhancement optimizing the selling potential of any property. 
  • Provide protection: Solid glass panels offer protection from wind, blocking it from entering your patio area and allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space. These panels extend the patio season!
  • Easily and quickly installed: Glass railings/barriers are one of the fastest systems to install, requiring few materials and tools and free of heavy preparatory work.
  • Provide privacy: You can maximize light while creating a visual barrier from neighbours or those passing by. Create high railings and use opaque or obscured glass treatments, allowing light to penetrate while providing privacy. 
  • Animal and children friendly: Subtle etching or tinting mitigates bird strikes and reduces the possible impact on wildlife. Solid panels alleviate the risk that small children will slip through and/or accidentally get stuck.
  • Promote health: Natural light enhances mood and motivation and helps create a healthy environment. Glass barriers let the natural light in!

Options Available:

There are many options from which you can choose.


  • Frameless Glass: These railings feature panels without framed borders. They’re held in place by posts, clamp systems and base screens. The absence of supporting structures makes them suitable for areas that overlook beautiful scenery.
  • Framed: These exterior glass railings feature glass panels that are supported and kept in place using frames, metal posts, and handrails and can be secured to concrete or wood. They offer safety and luxury and are particularly suitable for homes with pets and/or children.
  • Tempered Glass (also referred to as toughened or safety glass) is approximately 4 times stronger than conventional glass options on the market. Railings made from tempered glass provide a sturdy railing, are scratch proof and difficult to break. 
  • Laminated Glass incorporates a variety of glass layers held together by polyvinyl butyral resin. Any damage to this glass results in a spider web pattern similar to a crack on a windshield. This safety feature makes laminated glass a sought-after option for railings. 


Glass railings/barriers offer a range of features allowing you to customize them to meet your needs. They’re a great option for outdoor spaces of all shapes and sizes. Adding a glass railing/barrier is an elegant, safe and low maintenance way to complete your deck or patio. 

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