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Unique Ways to Use Mirrors for Interior Design

Mirrors for Interior Design

Mirrors are a brilliant source of design adding light, interest and a feeling of space to any room. The following are some surprising and delightful ways to use mirrors in your interior design.

  1. Mirrored furniture:  Large pieces of furniture in a small room can feel bulky and overpowering. Add a mirrored surface to these pieces and they appear lighter and less imposing while the reflection cuts down on the feeling of bulkiness. Try a mirrored side table, coffee table, sideboard or bar cart. Incorporate a tinted mirror for a vintage look.
  2. Create a window: Mirrors naturally make a dim or small space seem larger. An ideal location to hang a mirror is across from a real window, so that it reflects the outdoors creating the illusion that the mirror is actually a window.
  3. Mirror gallery: Think of mirrors as framed artwork and group them to create an eye-catching gallery wall. Use mirrors with similar designs but different shapes and sizes. This will create a focal point for an entire room while reflecting light and creating depth.
  4. Mirrors and art: Mirrors reflect the decor around them. Place a beautiful vase, a lamp or sculpture in front of a mirror to highlight these objects. 
  5. Vanity table and mirror: A vanity table outside the bathroom gets you out of the toothbrush clutter and makes your beauty routine flow smoothly. Place a stylish mirror above or on a desk or small table, add a comfy chair (even a footrest), a spotlight for focused light, a magnifying mirror and you have an elegant daily prep area. 
  6. Mirrors and light: Place a mirror behind a light source (lamp, floor lamp, sconce, candle) to bounce light back into your space, expanding the recesses of the room.
  7. Mirrored cabinets or shelves: Create depth and reflect light in interesting ways by installing shelves with mirrored backs. Mirrored cabinet doors fill a room with light making a small space feel open. They’re especially good for rooms with few or small windows.
  8. Mirrored fireplace face: For a modern and expansive look, a fully mirrored fireplace surround gives a small room a natural focal point, creates drama and makes your ceiling feel higher. 
  9. Mirror on the ceiling: This placement works wonders with panelled or trey ceilings. It makes the space feel taller and creates the illusion that there’s a skylight above, helping a small room feel open.
  10. Mirrors and architecture: Try mirrors in the recesses of a skylight to bring in views of the rooftops or put mirrors in window recesses to reflect light into your rooms.

Mirrors have a powerful and noticeable impact on the decor and ambiance of a room. They can blend in or stand out while reflecting light and opening the space. Try some of these clever design ideas in your home!

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