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Doing Renovations? Glass Railings Provide That Contemporary Look You’re Searching For!

Glass Railings

If you’re planning a renovation in your space, consider glass railings. They’re hard-working, durable and beautiful. Their contemporary design makes them popular with many businesses and homeowners. They can be used on the exterior or interior of your space; on your walkway or stairwell or as a barrier for your deck, patio and/or pool.

What are the benefits of glass railings?

  • Open up a room: Wooden and metal railings are bulky, decreasing visibility and blocking sunlight. Glass railings/barriers offer a modern design feel that allows natural light to pour in and makes your space feel open. 
  • Increase visibility: Does your deck, veranda or patio face a marvellous view? Preserve the panorama, unobstructed, with a framed or frameless glass railing. The tempered glass panels used for railings are virtually invisible providing a seamless flow between your property and the landscape.
  • Promote health: Natural light enhances mood and motivation and helps create a healthy environment. Glass barriers let the natural light in!
  • Increase aesthetic appeal: Glass railings offer a sleek, elegant design that is highly appealing. They’re timeless, subtle and subdued allowing them to blend with many styles. 
  • Enjoy low maintenance:  No more sanding, staining and polishing! Glass barriers require only a little soap and water. 
  • Get great durability: Glass railings are impervious to sun and rain. Glass does not corrode with exposure to water, crack due to extreme temperatures or change colour when exposed to sunlight. It does not warp and is not susceptible to rot. Glass is extremely durable and will look great for a long period of time. 
  • Customize: Choose framed or frameless railings. Design the glass barrier to exactly fit your space. Choose the size, shape and transparency. Open up a room or choose a little privacy. There are many options!
  • Compliment other materials: The clean aesthetic of glass makes it easy to pair with stainless steel, aluminum, wood, marble, granite and natural materials.
  • Improve market value: Glass railings/barriers are a sophisticated enhancement optimizing the selling potential of any property. 
  • Environmentally friendly: Are you concerned about your carbon footprint? Glass is one of the most environmentally friendly options available. It doesn’t require deforestation or mining. It’s 100% recyclable and chemically inert.
  • A design statement: Glass railings bring a refined, sophisticated look to any staircase. They contribute to a bright and airy feel and boost the design of your home. 

When it comes to railings, there simply aren’t any other contenders. Glass is the only material that offers low maintenance, high durability and virtually limitless customization, all in an environmentally-friendly package. If you want to make the smart choice for your home, business, or construction project, consider glass railings. They’re a great option!

Whether you’re looking for handrails made entirely of glass or glass panels to complete a railing made of multiple materials, you’ve come to the right place. The expert designers at House of Mirrors and Glass create custom pieces of glass that meet the unique specifications of any project. Come by today to meet our team. Visit our showroom. Our knowledgeable and efficient team provides excellent customer service with a focus on custom design. Call (403) 253-3777 or email us at info@houseofmirrors.com. Let us know what you’re looking to achieve and our experts will assist you!