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Using Glass in Your Home

Using Glass in Your Home - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Store - Featured Image

Glass can be more than a utilitarian aspect of your home. It can be a decorative element. It’s sophisticated, stylish, trendy and chic and is more widely used in the interior of homes than ever before. It’s strong, easy to maintain, versatile and attractive. Glass comes in many different forms, thicknesses, colours and finishes. Where to use it depends upon your design concept, your personal taste, and how you intend to use your home. The applications are limitless! The following are some ways to incorporate glass into your home’s decor and/or structure.

Try glass walls and/or partitions:

Use glass walls or partitions as a decorative element, to bring cohesion or to separate spaces without disconnecting them. Try it between a living room and dining room or a kitchen and a breakfast nook. Open a room that feels a little too small and claustrophobic with a glass wall. A glass partition can function as a permanent divider while allowing your room to benefit from borrowed light.

Use it in the bathroom:

Forget the shower curtain! Add pizazz by creating your shower with glass. It will make your room feel light and open and works particularly well in small bathrooms. Try coloured glass to add extra depth, catch the eye and encourage relaxation. Use glass to screen a toilet or sink without obscuring them creating a sleek and sophisticated look. 

Create a kitchen backsplash:

Never grout again! The translucence and colour choices of glass make it a beautiful, contemporary backsplash material. It reflects light giving your kitchen a larger brighter feel. It’s easy to clean, mould and mildew resistant and impervious to water. Glass tiles are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours to suit any style and design theme. 

Install a glass staircase:

Sleek and modern, a glass staircase brings an eye-catching contemporary look to a home. Made with architectural glass that is chemically treated, tempered and laminated, your glass staircase can hold its own weight and the weight of those using it. Not sure about an all-glass staircase? Try wooden steps with a glass balustrade. Renovating? Remove wooden banisters and handrails and replace them with a sleek piece of glass. Imagine glass spiral stairs or a floating glass staircase. The design possibilities are limitless!

Use for closets: If you’re a tidy person, create a minimalistic look by using clear glass for your closet doors. If you’re more haphazard, try tinted or frosted glass instead. 

Accent your cabinets: Glass provides an exquisite finish to cabinets and makes a room feel open and welcoming.  Display crockery, decor items and/or collectibles in glass display cabinets. Use frosted glass for storage cabinets in the bedroom, kitchen and study.

Update a worktop: Glass is a great option for worktops. It’s tough, attractive, easy to clean and heat resistant. It bounces light about the room making it feel airy and bright. Choose soft rounded edges for safety. 

Add a skylight: Install a skylight to allow in natural light, enjoy changing cloud formations and bring a magical feel to a room.

Build a sunroom: Build an extension or annex on your home with glass walls and a glass roof. Make it a breakfast nook or a sitting area. Enjoy the views!

Create a spa: Add interest and comfort to your space by connecting your bedroom and bathroom with frosted glass doors creating a spa-like feel. 

Add spark to your home. Increase the feeling of space. Turn utilitarian aspects into decorative elements. Accomplish all this with glass; a versatile, sophisticated material. Whether building new or renovating, consider using glass to create space, add a personal touch and bring the outside in. Find a trusted glazier with experience in all areas of glass and let your imagination soar!

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