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Using Mirrors for Decorating

Using Mirrors for Decorating - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Shop - Featured Image

Mirrors perform an important role in our homes, providing a way to check how we look. But mirrors are more than a functional article. They’re versatile decorative objects that create glamour, make an impact and work wonders in any design. They come in many shapes, sizes, colours and styles. Before you start hanging them everywhere, check out the following tips for using mirrors when decorating.


Ponder height and reflection: Rather than hanging a mirror based on available wall space, think about what will be reflected in it. Hang it opposite an important architectural element, a painting or a beautiful piece of furniture. Eye-level works best for most mirrors with the center of the frame about 50 to 60 inches from the floor. 


Think big: Yes, you can use a large mirror in a small room! It’ll create the illusion of depth and space making the room feel bigger and bringing elegance, drama and distinction. Go at least one size larger than you originally intended!  However, if you’re hanging your mirror over furniture (a dresser, table, buffet, couch)  make sure it’s not wider than the piece.


Placement matters: By carefully considering placement, you can make a mirror work for you.

  • Off-center: Your instinct will tell you to center your mirror above a table, mantel, couch or architectural feature. Hanging a mirror a little off-kilter creates an element of surprise, adding life and interest to a room. 
  • On a door: Everyone needs a full-length mirror to help with getting dressed. Affix one to a door and you’ll save space while making your room seem larger. 
  • Layering: Place art and/or flowers in front of a mirror to create dimension and interest. The mirror acts as an anchor that bounces light about and the art/flowers can be changed when desired
  • In a hallway: Hanging a mirror near the end of a hallway brightens the space and makes it feel larger. 
  • Add a window: Strategically placing a mirror across from a window amplifies natural light and gives the illusion of another window. 


Consider style: A mirror can be modern, traditional, edgy, classic or vintage depending upon the frame used. Smokey and/or imperfect glass creates an interesting mood. What effect do you want to create?


Assess shape and structure: Square or rectangular mirrors offer the most traditional feel, but choosing a mirror in an unusual shape can bring attention to a wall. In angular spaces, choose a circular or oval mirror for a striking look. Try geometric patterns. Don’t be afraid to mix materials (metal, wood). 


Reflect the light: Use a mirror to reflect light from an adjacent window to add brightness to a room. Position a mirror near a light fixture to achieve a similar effect.


Design a gallery: You’ve heard of a photo wall. Why not try a mirror wall! Vary the size and shape but don’t let them reflect each other. This type of display works best in a large, uncluttered room. 


Create a focal point: Place a mirror above the mantel or dining room buffet. Hang sconces on either side and you’ve created a beautiful focal point for your room. 


Hang them properly: Use wall hooks or picture hangers and be sure to use two (one at either end). If the mirror is very heavy, have it hung by professionals.


A mirror can make a small space feel expansive, create perspective, bounce natural light, add sparkle and/or create a focal point in a room. Mirrors make an impact in any space. Use a simple, artful, subdued or ornate mirror and strategically place it to transform your home!


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