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Ways Glass Can Make Your Space Feel Larger

Glass Makes your space feel larger

Much of modern design is open, airy and light with clean lines and big spaces. What if your home is small, dark and boxy? Can you make your space feel bigger without undertaking substantial remodelling? Glass may be the answer. There are a number of creative ways to use glass to help a small space feel larger. 

  • Add mirrors: Strategically placed mirrors can make a small room feel larger. Place a mirror opposite a window to double the natural light and create the illusion of more space. Use a focal point and angle your mirrors toward it to give the illusion of depth. Try mirrored wardrobe doors to give a small bedroom depth and dimension. Opt for mirrored cabinet doors for a roomy feel. 
  • Increase the number and/or size of windows: Letting in natural light is a great way to make your home feel bigger. More light means more depth to a room. Enlarge your windows or add new ones. Leave your curtains drawn and let the sunlight in!
  • Try a glass tabletop: Glass tabletops look elegant, reflect light, create a modern look and visually minimize the furniture in the room making the space feel larger. Add character with a table runner, placemats, fruit bowls or centerpieces.
  • Consider glass walls: Sliding glass doors, exterior sliding walls and glass room dividers can be used in any room and help create a feeling of spaciousness. They increase the natural light inside a home and give access to views of nature. Glass walls can be custom-made to fit any home and/or usage.
  • Glass shower doors: Bathrooms often feel small and cramped. A glass shower door helps open the space making it seem larger.
  • Glass shelves: Wooden shelves can make a small room feel heavy and dark. Create the illusion of space with glass shelves and display cases. They can be installed in any space in your home. 
  • Glass doors: Consider opening up dark stairwells, hallways and small rooms through the use of glass doors. They reflect and share light between spaces without making a room feel shut off. 

If your home and/or a room(s) within your home feel small, dark, cramped and compact, consider glass features. They help make a space feel lighter, deeper and larger. Custom-fit glass features are possible for every room in your home. 

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