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Why Choose Glass Cabinets

Glass Cabinets

The kitchen is the heart of the home, a hub of activity. It’s where we cook, dine, hang out with family, entertain friends, do homework, pay bills, enjoy family activities and feed the pets. We want the design of our kitchen to be attractive, organized and functional. Glass front kitchen cabinets are an elegant kitchen element that has been around for a long time. They’re classic and timeless. Are they right for you? Take a close look at the pros and cons of installing glass front kitchen cabinets to determine if they’ll work in your home.


There are a number of reasons why going with glass kitchen cabinet doors is a smart idea.

  • Display possibilities: Glass cabinet doors are good for displaying and illuminating your kitchenware, collectibles and décor items while keeping them safe. Do you have expensive ceramics, crockery, crystal and/or glassware? Showcase your beautiful pieces. Curate your items, leaving the most attractive at the front.
  • Versatility: Glass cabinet doors come in a variety of glass types, each a distinctive design element. Try pebbled, seeded, textured, swirled, stained, leaded or frosted glass. Or, opt for an antique look. 
  • Increased light: Glass doors reflect natural light as well as the light from your fixtures. The reflection of glass cabinets takes away the dullness and brings sparkle to your kitchen!
  • Protection: Unlike open shelving, glass cabinets let you view your beautiful dishes while protecting them from dust, dirt and oil.
  • Increased interior design options: You can add a layer of design to the interior of your cabinets through the use of colour or material (shiplap, beadboard, etc.).
  • A feeling of spaciousness: Just as mirrors do, glass cabinet doors create the illusion of depth and make a room feel larger.
  • Easy to clean: A simple all-purpose glass cleaner will make glass cabinets look new. 
  • Find objects easily: You’ll always know what’s inside each cupboard, without opening the door!
  • Increased openness: Glass doors prevent cabinets from feeling heavy, making the kitchen feel open and airy. 
  • Added luxury: Glass cabinet doors have a unique and high-end feel. They elevate the style of your kitchen while adding luxury and interest.
  • Break up monotony: Too many solid cabinet doors can look monotonous. Glass cabinet fronts break up the expanse. Consider replacing one door, every other or all of your upper cabinet doors with glass.


Glass cabinet doors aren’t for everyone!

  • Tidiness required: If you’re not an organized person, glass cabinets may not be for you. They’re unforgiving, exposing your flaws and disorderliness.
  • Increased maintenance: Glass doors need to be cleaned regularly or they’ll show dust, grime, fingerprints and oily film.
  • Elevated cost: Glass cabinetry is more expensive and the cost only increases with higher quality and durability. 
  • Fragility: Though glass front cabinets won’t break from regular handling, slamming and rough behaviour can result in damage. Handle them with care.

Glass front kitchen cabinets are versatile, timeless, and suitable for any style. If you’re willing to keep your kitchen organized, they’re the perfect way to make a room visually lighter and seemingly larger. 

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