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How to Choose A Bathroom Mirror

How to Choose a Bathroom Mirror

A bathroom mirror can add style, make your room feel larger and brighten up your space. It lets you check out your appearance, apply makeup and/or shave. Bathroom mirrors are available in different styles, sizes, colours and shapes. They can be round, square, oval, rectangular, tinted transparent, antique framed or frameless. There are so many to choose from! So how do you know which mirror is right for you? The following are some tips and ideas for choosing the perfect mirror for your bathroom.

  • Consider location:  Most people center their bathroom mirror above the sink and use it for applying makeup, checking their appearance, fixing their hair and other grooming needs. Sometimes this placement is not possible because of an inconveniently located window or structural obstacle. Sometimes it’s not desirable. Experiment with placement. Consider a floating mirror that hangs from a hook. Opt for a full-length mirror on the wall. You can also have an ultra-wide mirror that spans the entire wall like a backsplash.
  • Think about size: A bathroom mirror needs to be at least 70 to 80% of the vanity size so that it won’t feel too small. A larger mirror is possible, giving you additional reflection space and making the bathroom seem larger. Try hanging a long skinny mirror beside a narrow vanity. Remember to leave some negative space for décor items like lamps, sconces and art. Every bathroom space is unique so consider creating a custom-sized mirror with the exact dimensions that you need and want.  
  • Ponder functionality: Consider the viewing angles you wish to gain for grooming as well as how much light you wish to reflect in the space.
  • Consider shape: Pick the shape that is appropriate for the ambiance and aesthetic of your bathroom. 
    • A long mirror helps to lengthen the overall look of a bathroom. 
    • A round mirror can add a touch of softness. 
    • Rectangular mirrors have a classic look, are more functional and are great for a modern bathroom. 
    • Square mirrors have a wider angle, blend in with various interior décor styles and reflect more light. 
    • Rounded rectangular, dome-shaped, pill-shaped or popsicle-shaped mirrors add a quirky touch, offering visual interest and a decorative element. 
    • Unique and ornate shapes are statement pieces for a bathroom and give the room character. 
    • Try a folded corner mirror to utilize those awkward-looking corners.  
    • Remember that mirrors can also be custom-made to be the perfect shape for a space.
  • Think about style: Keep in mind the kind of aesthetic you’re going for. If you want something traditional, look for a larger mirror and consider an antique frame. Thinking modern, choose a mirror with technical features (clock, thermometer, demister, etc.) or an unusual shape. 
  • Decide on framed or frameless: Size, shape and location are not the only choices you must make when choosing your bathroom mirror. You’ll also need to decide if you want a framed or frameless mirror.
    • Framed mirrors add interest, detail and a traditional or polished look. The frame itself can be a unique design feature. Framed mirrors are statement pieces that draw the eye of your guest. Choose from brushed chrome, brushed nickel, brass, or opt for matte black.
    • Frameless mirrors are stylish, streamlined, minimalist and modern-looking while using maximum wall space. You can add interest with a bevelled edge. They provide a more reflective surface than framed mirrors and go well with any aesthetic. 

A mirror is an essential component of the bathroom. It plays a role in balance, functionality, aesthetics, and spaciousness. Carefully curated and properly sized, placed and illuminated, a mirror will make a big difference in your space. It’s a quick, easy and affordable way to spruce up your bathroom. Be creative! Explore your options for design, shape, style and finish. Remember that a custom-made mirror is an option and may be the best way to meet your needs and desires. 

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