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What is Architectural Glass and How Does it Work?

What is Architectural Glass and How Does it Work? - House of Mirrors - Mirror and Glass Shop

Are you aware of the many ways architectural glass adds style and/or accent to a living space? Architectural glass can be textured, patterned and moulded to take on unique looks. It offers visual appeal and light transmission. Glass architectural features are more affordable and stronger than ever. They’re a decorator’s dream!

What is architectural glass? Architectural glass is glass that is used as a building material. It’s  treated in a particular way in order to make it strong enough for use in building applications; walls, windows, partitions, countertops, backsplashes, shelving, cabinet doors, room dividers, elevator cladding, barbacks, railings, chandeliers, shower glass and furniture. 


What are the benefits of architectural glass?

Architectural glass is:

    • Durable: Architectural glass can withstand rain, sun and wind and has high-impact resistance values.
    • Chemical resistant: Architectural glass is highly resistant to chemical reactions and can withstand the effect of reactions under different environmental conditions. 
    • Antimicrobial: Glass is impermeable making it mildew and mould-resistant. It does not harbour germs and/or bacteria that could endanger your family.
    • Class A fire-rated: Architectural glass can stop the spread of flames into adjoining spaces, significantly blocking smoke and toxic gasses from burning furniture and other materials.
    • Versatile: Laminated, non-laminated, etched, patterned and tempered glass are available.
    • Recyclable and environmentally friendly: Glass is 100% recyclable. It does not degrade during the recycling process and can be recycled again and again without loss of quality or purity. Recycled glass helps conserve energy by reducing emissions and consumption of raw materials.
    • Transmits, absorbs and/or refracts light: Architectural glass naturally reflects and refracts light adding depth and interest to your walls and making your space feel open, bright and airy. It prevents the formation of shadows making your room easier to use.
    • Easy to clean: Glass is a non-porous material making it resistant to stains. Fingerprints, splatters and water spots are easily wiped away with warm soapy water and a cloth. It’s rust-resistant and dustproof. Add DFI coating to make your architectural glass even easier to clean.
    • Excellent insulator: Glass is a good insulator against heat, electricity, and electromagnetic radiation. Certain types of glass have high resistance against ultra-violet, infrared, and x-ray transmission. Glass is also a good sound insulator, resisting sound transmission.
    • Beautiful: Available in a variety of colours, architectural glass can be pressed, blown and drawn into any shape, dimensional requirement and/or safety requirement.

How to use architectural glass?

Architectural glass is multipurpose and can be used in a number of ways in both home and office.

  • Shelving: Glass shelving is spectacular! It provides practical storage space, is strong and durable and gives the impression of depth while being unobtrusive. Try it with a rounded, flat or bevelled edge. It works well in kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways, to hold plants or knick-knacks and for showcasing collections. 
  • Glass partitions: Despite the beauty and practicality of open-living plans, there are times when you want a barrier between rooms. Glass partitions may be the answer. The space remains airy and flows while the glass creates a little privacy. 
  • Glass railings: Architectural glass provides an unobstructed line of sight from a balcony or deck. Enjoy the view!
  • Mezzanine barriers: Why settle for traditional wood railings when you can use architectural glass to maximize the light reaching your mezzanine? 
  • Link buildings: If you have multiple buildings on your property, link them with architectural glass. Make the walls and ceilings entirely of glass! It will feel like a conservatory, a perfect place to work or enjoy a cup of tea.
  • Staircase: A glass staircase creates a fresh and airy effect by allowing light to pass through unobstructed. It opens up your space and makes it more inviting. Unlike conventional wood, the sturdy toughened glass used to create a glass staircase can never rot or attract insects. 
  • Glass tabletops: A custom glass tabletop is a unique and functional piece. Get creative with the table base! 
  • Designer glass interior doors: When replacing an interior door, consider using a glass insert instead of a traditional hollow-core wooden door. Glass doors increase the amount of natural light, making a space feel open while maintaining sound privacy and protecting against draughts. 
  • Showers: Update the look and feel of your bathroom with a sleek and modern glass shower enclosure. Pair with glass tiles for a cool contemporary look, or partner with traditional tiles to showcase your style.
  • Kitchen cupboards:  Add light to your kitchen with elegant cupboards made from patterned glass. Choose clear glass cupboard doors and an interior light to showcase your finest stemware or opaque etched glass to hide your cupboard’s contents in a sleek and modern way.
  • Glass countertops are stylish and attractive, combining form and function. They’re versatile, beautiful, customizable and durable. To top it off, they’re low maintenance, hygienic and environmentally friendly. Consider a customized glass countertop for your space. 
  • Backsplash: The grout used with tile is hard to keep clean. Try a glass backsplash instead. It won’t trap bacteria, wipes clean easily and is water and stain-resistant. It’s also beautiful!

Glass compliments every type of décor! Refresh your home with a few of these sparkling additions and enjoy the transformation made possible by the use of architectural glass. 

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