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Why Use Frosted Glass?

Why Use Frosted Glass? - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Store - Featured Image

Frosted glass is produced by sandblasting or acid etching one side of a clear glass sheet creating a pitted surface that renders the glass translucent. It’s popular to place frosted glass in the bathroom, but it can be installed anywhere in your home as there are a number of advantages to its use.


      • Increased Privacy: Frosted glass distorts or blurs the objects/persons on the other side of the pane providing privacy while allowing light to enter. Depending upon the style you choose, you can have only a slight blur or render the object/person unrecognizable. This makes frosted windows perfect for bathrooms, bedrooms and the front entrance, where privacy is desired. 
      • Improved security: Frosted glass windows are made from a durable material that is harder to break than standard glass and resistant to harsh weather making it ideal for the front and rear entrance of your home. 
      • Greater energy efficiency: Frosted glass allows natural light into your home creating a bright environment while still providing privacy. With no need to pull the drapes, you will depend less on artificial lights helping you save on your energy bill. 
      • Protection from the sun: This form of glass filters UV light and prevents glare providing protection for furniture and flooring. 
      • Enhanced beauty: Add a touch of elegance, a strong decorative element and a unique feel to any space with the use of frosted glass panes. You can even include patterns in the glass.
      • Versatility: Choose from an array of designs, colours and patterns and have your glass easily customized to the required dimensions.
      • Reduced cleaning time: Frosted glass windows are easy to clean and tend not to streak as easily as other types of panes. Simply wipe with a cloth.
      • Easy installation: An experienced technician can complete the installation process within hours. 


    If you appreciate a well-designed home with beauty and functionality, then frosted glass may be right for you. It provides privacy, security, energy efficiency, sun protection, versatility, reduced cleaning time and unique beauty. If this sounds interesting, check with your local glass provider. They’ll show you the variety, beauty and functionality available through the use of frosted glass. 

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