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Why Choose a Reproduction Antique Mirror?

Why Choose a Reproduction Antique Mirror? - House of Mirrors - Mirrors and Glass Store - Featured Image

If you enjoy an old-fashioned look, an antique mirror can lend a weathered charm to any part of your home. With their mottled patches and black edges, antique mirrors not only add to a room’s style but also change the character of a living space. They enlarge and brighten a room while staying tasteful and unassuming. They can be positioned to reflect furniture, plants, or other features in your home to create a bold contrast. Why then do some people choose reproduction antique mirrors rather than authentic antiques?


  • More durable: True antique mirrors are often too fragile, warped, or damaged for use. Reproductions are sturdier and more durable.
  • High quality: Reproductions are hand-crafted by a skilled artisan. You get the benefit of a high-quality piece that was made with care.
  • Easier to find your style: There is more variety available among reproduction antique mirrors making it easier to find the perfect piece. Locating the right antique could take months or years of searching!
  • More affordable: One of the largest advantages to reproduction antique mirrors is the price. They are more affordable than antiques making them fit into most homeowner’s budgets.
  • One-of-a-kind: Reproductions aren’t mass-produced. They’re crafted by artisans and can be made exclusively to fit your home.
  • Lighter: Reproduction antique mirrors are made with aluminum making them much lighter than older mirrors that were made with silver and sometimes liquid mercury. 


While they may not carry the sentimentality of antiques, reproduction antique mirrors offer a number of benefits. They’re durable, affordable and customizable. They can be an attractive attention-grabbing centrepiece for your room! 

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